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Limo Hire Etiquette

Communication and building a good relationship is very crucial for Ace Star limousines hire between us and our clients so that everybody gets to benefit from a great experience. A limousine ride is a sophisticated ride, its passengers should act with good manners and treat the car as though it were their own. Ace Star limousines hire see to it that our fleet is equipped with the necessary amenities to guarantee passengers of an unforgettable road experience.

As limo owners are expected to treat all their passengers with utmost respect, the latter should return the favor by taking care of the car while in it. Even though you’ve paid a lot of money for a prom limo in Leeds or a wedding limo in Bradford, it doesn’t mean you have the freedom to break things or take the equipment inside the limo. It is not acceptable for any passenger to become unruly or display an unpleasant behavior.

You should let the chauffeur assigned to drive you around to do his job. You are paying for a service so let your driver perform his job. Remain seated until your limo driver has found a safe place to park or drop you off. In addition, it is important to give your driver the time to come and open the limo door for you. Whenever you step out of the limo, remember to bring your valuables.

Please be aware of our guideline. Every limo has a limit on the number of passengers for a particular limo to ensure the client’s safety. For safety reasons we won’t allow you to exceed this number. You can always book another limo from us.

Follow the rules imposed in the area you’re traveling. For instance, it forbids passengers from standing up through the sunroof, consumption of alcohol by underage passengers, use of illegal drugs and so on. If you’re on board a homecoming limo such as a hummer limo in Arlington, which prohibits smoking inside the vehicle, then put away that pack of cigarettes and wait until you’ve stepped out from the vehicle. On the other hand, if you are given the opportunity to smoke, show some decency and use the ashtrays provided instead of scattering your cigar’s ash on the vehicle’s expensive rug. It is also unethical to flick a cigarette out of the window or on the sunroof.

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